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App-Controlled indoor watering system
the smart gardener takes care of your plants
Do you love to go on vacation but don’t want to come back finding  your green indoor plants have transformed into a parched desert while  you were away? Do you regularly travel and have difficulties to find a  neighbour or friend that can take care of your plants? Do you sometimes  simply forget to water your plants at home or in your office?   
Then we have the solution for you:
The Smart Gardener automatically waters your plants based on your  configured watering programs. Create a fully customizable watering  program for each kind and size of plants for an automatic watering when  you are away. You can also simply activate the watering at any time with  just a touch of a button from your smartphone to water all the plants  while relaxing on the sofa.


What i can do

  • WiFi control via Android App (soon available also for iPhone and Computer)
  • Watering of up to 8 plants with 4 configurable programs
  • Configurable watering time
  • Configurable watering quantity for each plant from 1 to 1000 ml
  • Configurable watering Interval for each plant from 0.5 to 30 days
  • Adding names and pictures of each plant
  • Pumping the water up to a height of 2.5 m
  • Securely connect to your WiFi network within seconds via NFC
  • Vacation water quantity calculator
  • Detection and notification when water container is empty
  • Uninterrupted watering programs even after a power cut
  • Automatic emptying of tubes after use
  • Automatic calibration for a higher water quantity precision

I am Modern and Compact

The Smart Gardener has a modern and compact design that fits perfectly in your home. It could be used all year long to water the plants and not just when you are on vacation.

I AM APP Controlled

Control all Smart Gardener devices at your home using the app on your smartphone.


Securely connect the Smart Gardener to your WiFi network within seconds via the 1-Tap mode. Just tap your phone on the Smart Gardener and you are ready to go. The network credentials are sent via NFC and not WiFi. The short range of the NFC avoids the interception of the WiFi credentials. Alternatively, if your phone doesn't support NFC you can use the Access Point mode in which your phone connects to the Smart Gardener's WiFi network to send the credentials via WiFi.


Configurable watering quantity for each plant from 1 to 1000 ml.

Configurable watering interval for each plant from 0.5 to 30 days.

Configurable watering time for each plant.

I do the maths

Easily calculate the amount of water required for the duration of your vacation to ensure having enough water for all plants based on your configured watering schedule. Just enter the number of days of your vacation and press calculate. The app will calculate the total required water quantity and the quantity for each plant.


Add names and pictures for all plants using your phone camera or stored gallery for an easy identification.


You have hanging plants or plants on a shelf?
No problem, the Smart Gardener can pump up to 2.5 m high
to easily water your plants without moving them.

I will keep your data through the dark

After a power cut the Smart Gardener will continue working as scheduled without interruptions. The watering programs are stored on a non-volatile memory.

I will be your reminder

When it runs out of water the Smart Gardener will send a notification to your phone to remind you to add water.

I work under the rain
By embedding the Smart Gardener in the extra waterproof box  you can use it outdoors for automatically watering the balcony plants in all weather conditions. You can simply add your power bank in the box to power the Smart Gardener.
© AMaronics 2017
© AMaronics 2017
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